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Why we should all care about Organizational Strategic Planning

Jun 19, 2018 | Leadership, Community and Partnerships

HDGH Strategic Plan

Strategic planning – the words for many elicit a subtle eye roll followed by a quick run for the hills. Yes, in most cases, it can be corporate jargon or “consultant speak,” but more than this it is a VERY important process that guides how we work, what we stand for and where we are going. An organization’s strategic plan should really be a key document that we all pay attention to in our varying places of employment. After all, it is a roadmap for an organization’s future.


For Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare (HDGH) our plan is a way of communicating what the future has in store, where we are going and more importantly, how we will get there. Moreover, it is also a way of reminding each other that ALL of our work is important and reinforces how each and every one of us at HDGH contributes to our organization’s mission and vision.


In the spring of last year, it was recommended that HDGH refresh our strategic plan. A refresh didn’t mean a change in our drivers, our mission or our vision. It also didn’t mean completely overhauling what currently existed but rather refining it so that ALL of our staff felt ownership and saw themselves in where our organization was headed. Soon after that decision to refresh was made, the work began in engaging everyone from clinical and non-clinical staff, community partners, board members, to leadership. If you had input about what needed to be done at HDGH, we asked you to share it - and more than 262 people did.


After organizing, coding and finally analyzing this feedback, I am excited to announce that our refreshed, simpler, relevant and timely HDGH strategic plan is now live. This living, breathing document is one that I can honestly say combines the voices of our people, our patients and their families, our volunteers, our physicians, our community partners, and members in our community who all had a voice in creating this plan. All of these voices and more will be part of guiding us as we continue our work in achieving our vision as trusted leaders transforming healthcare and cultivating a healthier community.


So what does this plan really say? It says:


We are committed to OUR PATIENTS through Service Excellence.

  • From childhood throughout the lifespan, we will provide the highest quality of care and connect our patients to the help they need.


We are committed to OUR PEOPLE and being the best place to work.

  • From recruitment through retirement, we will establish HDGH as the best place to work. Our people are our greatest asset.

We are committed to OUR IDENTITY and being a centre of excellence.

  • We will establish HDGH as a Centre of Excellence in Mental Health and Addictions and Rehabilitative Care.


I invite you to visit and next time you hear the words “strategic plan” said around your place of employment the words will instead prompt some excitement on how YOU can be part of its growth and success. 

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