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Mental Health Allied Team


The Allied Health Team provides the treatment programming to the inpatients at the Toldo Neurobehavioural Institute. Individuals served are 16 years of age and older and are diagnosed with severe and treatment resistant mental illnesses including psychosis, mood disorders, dual diagnosed individuals, and geriatric spectrum mental illness. The team takes part in an average of 1,500 unique service attendances per month.


Social Workers provide group and individual psychotherapy, family education, and discharge planning. Social workers are at the master's level and are trained in evidence based psychotherapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and solution focused therapy.


Occupational Therapy is provided by the occupational therapist and the certified rehabilitation assistants. A range of individual and group programming assesses and trains instrumental activity of daily living skills. Rehabilitation is aimed at maximizing independent functioning and transitioning to community.


Recreation Therapists provide group and individual rehabilitation through use of leisure and behaviour activation. Programs include horticulture groups, a range of physical fitness sessions, music therapy and creative arts expression.


Clinical Neuropsychology conducts psychological testing that aids in diagnosis and promotes understanding of the cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning of patients. The Neuropsychologist also provides individual psychotherapy using various evidence based treatment modalities.


Location: Toldo Neurobehavioural Institute

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