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Committees of the Board

2018-2019 Standing Committees


Executive Committee Terms of Reference (coming soon)

Mike Horrobin, Chair of the Board

Brian Payne, Chair of Governance

Pat Soulliere, Chair of Finance & Audit

Michelle Lomazzo, Chair of Workplace Excellence

Ken Blanchette, Chair of Quality

Frank Bagatto, CHI Representative

Janice Kaffer, CEO (ex-officio)

Dr. Andrea Steen, COS, VPMA (ex-officio) 


Fiscal Advisory CommitteeTerms of Reference (coming soon) 

Pat Soulliere, Director

Melissa Coletti, Director

Lucie Lombardo, Director

Marie Campagna, Chair, CFO (ex-officio)

Christine Davison, Community Member

Andrew Daher, Community Member

Olivia Zhao, Community Member

Mark Galvin, Community Member

Joanne Desjardins, Community Member

Sherri Laframboise, Community Member

Jo-Dee Brown, Community Member

Kevin Matte, Community Member

Shawna Carter, Community Member

April Lamont, Community Member 



Finance & Audit Committee Terms of Reference (coming soon)

Pat Soulliere, Chair

Melissa Coletti, Director 

Lucie Lombardo, Director

Marie Campagna, CFO (ex-officio)

Christine Davison, Community member

Olivia Zhao, Community member

Andrew Daher, Community member

Mark Galvin, Community member 



Governance Committee  Terms of Reference

Brian Payne, Chair

Mike Horrobin, Director

John Clark, Director

Lucie Lombardo, Director

Frank Bagatto, CHI Director 

Janice Kaffer, CEO (ex-officio)



Quality Committee Terms of Reference

Ken Blanchette, Chair

Brian Payne, Director

Donna Wellington, Director 

Dr. Andrea Steen, Chief of Staff, VP Medical Affairs


Marg Campigotto, Interim Chief Nursing Officer


Hannah Wong, Community Memeber 

Lillian Scorrar, Community Member

Kim Brisebois, Community Member 

Brendan Egan, Community Member




Workplace Excellence Committee Terms of Reference

Michelle Lomazzo, Chair

Cessidia De Biasio, Director 

Reza Shahbazi, Director

Mary Benson-Albers, Chief Human Resources Officer 

Mark Winterton, Community Member

Joe Barile, Community Member 

Kelly Gregoire, Community Member



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