Evaluation of Integration of Windsor Regional Children's Centre and Glengarda Child and Family Services Shows Excellent Results!


For Immediate Release

November 1, 2013

Evaluation of Integration of Windsor Regional Children's Centre and Glengarda Child and Family Services Shows Excellent Results!

WINDSOR, ON - The results of the evaluation conducted following the unification of Windsor Regional Children’s Centre and Glengarda Child & Family Services are now finalized. We are very pleased with the results. The evaluation, conducted by the Centre for Organizational Effectiveness, included consultation with over 135 stakeholders including parents of children involved in the new service delivery model, as well as data review to determine whether or not the intended outcomes were met. The evaluation concluded that the decision to create the new service delivery model was appropriate and effective.

When this unification was announced on January 27, 2012, the Board of Directors of Glengarda Child and Family Services and Windsor Regional Hospital agreed to the full integration of services by April 1, 2012. Then Tony Gualtieri, Chair of the Board of Directors of Glengarda stated: “By combining resources, a more integrated service system will be created which will be easier for families to access and navigate”. Similar sentiments were shared by the then Chair of Windsor Regional Hospital Dr. Wilf Innerd, “We strongly believe that this integration of services will greatly benefit children and families in our community.”

Over a year later, we are seeing the positive results of this unification. To highlight some of the findings:

  • Children are becoming healthier (as demonstrated by decreased scores in Child & Adolescent Functional Assessment Scales)
  • More children are being served (61% increase)
  • More program options for children and their families including programs & services are delivered in the County have been established
  • There has been a decrease of 12.5% of dollars being used for administration (these dollars have been redirected toward program delivery)
  • There is a 91% client satisfaction rating
  • Processes and procedures have been simplified for families, school boards and community partners
  • There is one single point of access for children ages 6-12 how are experiencing mental health challenges making it easier for children to receive the services they need

There are areas that need further study and the development of an imporvement plan - to highlight key ones:

  • The reduced reliance on the Emergency Department has not occured in fact it has increased. This is troubling for our community as it may be pointing to more serious mental health concerns for children starting at a younger age
  • The 'helpfulness' of community programs was rated lower by parents - further study as to how to improve helpfulness is needed and a plan to improve based on feedback will need to be created
  • Continued work on strengthening organizational culture needs to occur - this is common and important focus in many unifications

Mary Broga, Senior Director Neuro-Behavioural Health, Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is gratified with the results, “our staff has worked hard over the last year to ensure that the needs of children and their families are met to the best of our ability. I am grateful for their tremendous dedication and commitment which has resulted in such good outcomes. We will continue on our path toward continued improvement in the areas highlighted.”

A summary report of the findings can be accessed here.


For further information contact: Bill Marra, Sr. Director Planning, Community

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