HDGH - No Longer Under Influenza Outbreak  

HDGH - No Longer Under Influenza Outbreak  


Hôtel‐Dieu Grace Healthcare is no longer under an influenza outbreak. All entrances will be opened to the public as per our usual practices. A reminder however that influenza season is still underway and so we are asking that visitors do not come if they are experiencing flu like symptoms, such as:
‐ Sudden onset of fever & chills
‐ Headache
‐ Muscle aches and pains
‐ Sore throat
‐ Loss of appetite
‐ Cough
‐ Runny or stuffy nose
‐ Sneezing
‐ Fatigue (tired or no energy)
‐ Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea may also occur, mainly in children
In addition hand washing stations will continue to be accessible at all entrances. All visitors are expected to continue to sanitize on entry to the hospital and practice frequent hand washing to help prevent and reduce the spread of influenza.
HDGH would like to express our thanks to our staff, volunteers and physicians for their tireless work during the outbreak and as well acknowledge the tremendous support we received from the public health team. For further information please contact: Nicole Crozier, Manager, Communications, at 226‐345‐9710