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The future of patient care



The use of technology to enhance patient care is flourishing at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare as new technology from Oculys Health Informatics was introduced on our Inpatient Rehab 1 (RH1) unit this past June.

On June 25th RH1 went live with the trial of Oculys’ new interactive communication board, “stayTrack”.


stayTrack is an electronic system that integrates patient data – pulled from our Health Information Management team – directly with their care and is designed to replace the manually updated white boards that are currently found at Nursing Stations.


With interactive, real time functionality, stayTrack enables the care teams on RH1 to proactively manage our patients’ care, safety considerations and ultimately, their discharge goals to make their transition from hospital to community as smooth as possible.


With its enhanced collaboration and visibility, stayTrack adds tremendous value on RH1 during daily check-in updates with our Local Health Integration Network, as well as during focus discussions as part of weekly inter-professional team rounds.


“It’s a simple user-friendly format for tracking and communicating each patient’s journey in real time,” explains Jill LeGrand, Operations Manager for RH1. “Each discipline has a role to play in entering and verifying the information required to identify where our patients are at in their rehab journey and to understand what challenges or barriers might impede their progress toward discharge.”


As the RH1 trial continues, we hope to eventually extend this technology throughout the rest of our nursing units at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare to give our patients the best possible experience while in our care.

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