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Frequenlty Asked Questions


Question: What is gambling?


Answer: Any time you bet money or something of value on an event of uncertain outcome, you are gambling. This includes raffles, lotteries, bingo and sports events.


Types of Gambling:


When some people think of gambling they think primarily of casinos. In fact, gambling occurs in many forms such as:

  • lotteries
  • casinos
  • bingos
  • scratch tickets
  • pull tabs (Nevada Tickets)
  • Race Track betting
  • Stock Market speculation
  • VLTs and Slot Machines
  • card games
  • sports betting
  • betting on games of skill (pool, golf)
  • internet gambling


Question: How do I identify a gambling problem?


Answer: Gambling is a problem when:


  • It adversely affects relationships with family and/or friends
  • It causes physical and/or mental duress
  • It affects you socially
  • It affects your employment
  • It affects your finances.



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