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Triple P Discussion Groups

*for parents with children 2-12 years old


What are Triple P Discussion Groups?


A discussion group is a short, small group session run by a trained Triple P provider. Each session brings together parents who are experiencing the same parenting issue. You can choose to do one or two of the four problem topics:


*for parents with children 2-12 years old 

  • Dealing with disobedience
  • Developing good bedtime routines
  • Managing fighting and aggression
  • Hassle-free shopping with children


*for parents with teens 13-16 years old

  • Coping with teenagers' emotions
  • Reducing family conflict
  • Getting teenagers to cooperate
  • Building teenagers' survival skills



In a relaxed group session, your provider will give you tips and suggestions for dealing with your child's problem behaviour. You'll also be given a take-home workbook with simple exercises and information to try your new strategies at home.


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