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Triple P Teen Groups

*for parents of teens 13-16 years old


What are Triple P Teen Groups?


Group Teen Triple P is a great chance to meet other parents in similar situations with similar concerns. At Group Teen Triple P, you'll be given tips and suggestions to suit the needs of your family. The Every Parent's Guide to Teenagers DVD will show you how the strategies work in real life and your workbook will give you the tools you need to start positive parenting right away.


In Triple P Teen Group programs you'll learn about:

  • Helping teens to become skilled at making good personal decisions
  • Negotiating rules, responsibilities and privileges
  • Staying calm when inevitable conflicts arise
  • Being realistic: every teen and every parent will make mistakes
  • Taking care of yourself as a parent


This group setting will provide parents supports for teenagers as they strive to become independent, well-adjusted young adults. 

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General Info: (519) 257-5111


Voice Directory: (519) 257-5100



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1453 Prince Rd.


Windsor, ON N9C 3Z4