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Triple P Teen Seminars

*for parents of teens 13-16 years


What are Triple P Teen Seminars?


These are informal presentations that tackle the most common issues for parents of children from 12 to 16 years.


Raising Responsible Teenagers

  • Including teenagers in family decision making
  • Being involved in family activities
  • Developing a healthy lifestyle
  • Being respectful and considerate


Raising Competent Teenagers

  • Developing self-discipline
  • Establish good routines
  • Getting involved in school activities
  • Being a good problem-solver


Getting Teenager Connected

  • Encouraging teenagers to be confident
  • Planning ahead
  • Meeting their commitments
  • Being socially skilled


You can choose to do one, two or all three seminars. They deal with the most common parenting issues we all face. 

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1453 Prince Rd.


Windsor, ON N9C 3Z4