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Wireless Guest Network


Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare is pleased to offer guest wireless internet access. This wireless network is available, at no charge for patients and visitors.


The HDGHGuest network requires a username (hdgh) and password (hdgh).


It is important to note that while HDGH is providing wireless Internet access, we do not provide wireless laptops or other wireless devices to take advantage of this access nor will we provide printers.


If you have problems accessing the Internet over the HDGHGuest wireless network, hospital staff cannot assist in making changes to network settings or perform any troubleshooting on your device. You will need to refer to your owner's manual or seek other support for assistance.


The HDGHGuest wireless network is not secure so you should take the usual prudent precautions regarding the transmission of confidential personal, credit card or banking information.


HDGH assumes no responsibility for any personal information that is compromised nor any damage to your hardware or software due to electrical surges, security issues or consequences cause by viruses or hacking or any other causes.


As part of HDGH's normal network management processes, your transmissions will be monitored and it is our expectation that you will use our wireless network in a responsible manner and in compliance with all Provincial and Federal laws.

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