Jul 4, 2018 | Leadership, Faces of HDGH

Up to this point, a big part of my life had been about the routine of school; hours spent in class, studying, doing homework and balancing it all with being a wife, mom and nurse. Now, I was free, but free to do what?

HDGH Strategic Plan

Strategic planning – the words elicit a subtle eye roll. Yes, it can be corporate jargon but more than this it is a VERY important process that guides how we work, what we stand for and where we are going.

Danny Guatama

Introducing our Mental Health Week guest blogger, Danny Gautama. Danny is a true example of what it means to perservere and spread positive awareness of mental health related issues as he too struggles with depression.

Getting Down to Earth: Caring for our patients AND our planet

In honour of April being Earth Month and the 22nd being Earth Day, this post will share some of our "green" commitments and how our vision of cultivating a healthier community extends into the planet we all call home.

When Career and Passion Collide

Introducing a new March blogger – Sarah Myer, Crisis Worker with our Transitional Stability Centre. It is our hope that Sarah’s post will give a glimpse of the beauty that happens when career and passion gracefully collide.

Live with all your heart - find out how I keep my heart happy & healthy
Feb 1, 2018 | Leadership

February is heart month! I thought it would be a good opportunity to talk with you a little about things that are key for me to a happy and healthy heart.

Dec 22, 2017 | Leadership

2017 has been a year of reflection in many ways from both a personal and a professional lens. Life is always full of challenges and opportunities and this year was no exception.

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