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How I build "Danny Gautama's wall of happiness" and how you can create your own by Danny Gautama

Jan 8, 2019 | Mental Health, Patient Stories

Danny Gautama

Happy 2019, All! We are excited to kick off this new year with a special post from a good friend (and no stranger) to my blog. Danny inspires us by sharing how he continues to succeed through his own mental health struggles. No doubt he finds healing through his words and experiences, and I am happy to share some of that with you. Here’s to a positive, growth-oriented and healthy 2019. All of us at HDGH look forward to continuing changing lives with you all and creating a healthier Windsor-Essex.



My special place!
(How I built "Danny Gautama's wall of happiness" and how you can create your own)

By Danny Gautama


In life, when I feel overwhelmed I have that one special place in the home that I love to go to. It is peaceful and it gives me comfort and happiness. It is my foundation, my domain and a place that restores my faith and my soul.
I call it "Danny Gautama's wall of happiness". You might be asking, "Danny, what is that?” Well my awesome friend I will tell you. It is a wall that simply represents who I'am. It is a wall that cherishes special memories throughout my life that gives me happiness.

For example, on that wall I have photos of my friends, my families. my cousins ,my cat, my sweetheart and I at The cooks shop, my achievements, Workout posters, Sylvester Stallone Poster from Rocky, Inspirational quotes on working out and success, Valentine Day cards I received from two little girls when I worked at our parents business in 2006,Birthday cards, Email and text responses from people I have helped. In addition to a shelf with sentimental memories of gifts people have given me throughout the years and much more.
No negative thought can make me believe that I should be depressed and that I'am unloved, because the evidence tells me i'am loved and important to people.
You see when I look at this wall, I instantly feel so much better. I feel that I do belong in this world. I feel I do matter and have worth and I walk out of that room feeling great.

We have two choices in life. Either we believe our negative thoughts to be true or we instead challenge them and come up with evidence that in reality it is not true and that you matter to the world.

When we have depression we may fail to see the bright side of the things to be grateful for, however there is always something behind the darkness that sheds some light of hope.

As I was battling a depression episode in 2007, I was building and creating my wall of happiness and as I started adding things on the wall I realized that I had so much to be grateful for as you do to. For example, you have people out there who love you even if you do not think so. There are so many people out there who would love to help you and make you feel better. There are so many inspirational quotes that can inspire and motivate you to change your life.

I want you to do something. What is there in this world that makes you happy? What represents you and your uniqueness? Can you find a space in your house and dedicate it to only you? It can be anything you want. It does not even have to be on a wall. It could be on multiple shelves; however, it has to be something that only makes YOU HAPPY. What is it that is meaningful and passionate to you?

Try not to hoard on everything and anything .I use to be a big time hoarder and collected things that I thought were important but were not and that did not make me truly happy .It was just a cluttered mess full of useless items. It made me feel overwhelmed. When I had a cluttered mess I had a cluttered mind. Think about it, when God takes me away, nothing is going with me. None of this stuff represents me. I realized that a room should be filled with who you are. What people know about you .That brings out your uniqueness.

Make sure that your happiness area is clean and nicely organized. Clean areas can impact your mental health in a positive way as opposed to a cluttered area in the house. Get rid of the things you don’t use or need.

In addition to having your clean happiness area, make sure your home, apartment or condo is always clean as well .Decorate it, have space, paint your walls with positive colours like pink, blue, green or any colour that makes you feel positive. I love fluorescent pink. It brings a calm yet euphoric and romantic feeling in me. In your home make sure there is no dust. Keep it simple my friends your bed should always be made, laundry is clean, dishes are always washed etc.

Your place should have good natural lighting which can improve your mood, if the weather is nice open all the windows and bring fresh air inside.

Remember this is your place you are living in and seeing everyday .Why make it a place that is depressing and negative when you deserve nothing but happiness and joy in your life.

One thing I do is I have a chalkboard and a chalk so I write positive quotes that I see when I drink my morning coffee before I go to work. For example “Danny the Fighter” “Danny is loved” “You got this Danny boy “. This gives me a pick up boost to get my day started with positive energy and vibes. I also have a separate small chalkboard and write down the things I’am grateful for.

My awesome friend, make the best of your home. Make it anyway you want. Be creative, have fun. Best thing to do is decorate your house while listening to inspirational music that gives you that good feeling.

With that being said always continue to make progress in your happiness. Always have goals my friend and achieve them with passion and a never give up attitude.

God bless you and take care. #Never give up, # Keep moving forward, # Believe in yourself.

Sincerely Danny Gautama

Never Give Up

May 7, 2018 | Mental Health, Patient Stories

Danny Guatama

It’s an exciting week! The second week of May is always a fun and important week for us at Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare as we recognize and celebrate two important areas of what we do. From today, May 7th until the 13th, we celebrate the dedicated, tireless work done by our nurses. Events will take place every day this week for our HDGH Nurses and I would also encourage you to hop on social media using the hashtag #YesThisIsNursing to share your gratitude of our wonderful nurses both locally and across the country.


Along with Nurses, this week we are also celebrating Mental Health Week. For this week especially, folks are encouraged to recognize mental health as more than mental illness and instead about feeling good about who you are, having balance and managing life’s highs and lows.


Our guest blogger, Danny Gautama, is a true example of what it means to perseverance and spread positive awareness of mental health related issues as he too struggles with depression. Danny has made it his mission to help others with his words. Thank you Danny for being open, honest and sharing your story with us.


– Jan



Never Give Up

By: Danny Gautama 


If you are reading this and have depression, I just want you to know how important and valuable you are. You are loved and needed in this world.


Don't listen to your depression because it lies to you. You will NOT give up because you are a fighter and a warrior.


You will beat this. I have faith in you.


People do care about you because I am one of those people. You have a purpose in this world and you are meant to do great things. You are meant to make a difference in this world. Don't listen to your depression because it wants to bring you to your knees. You are stronger and more powerful than it.


Get up and fight.


I am with you all the way cheering you on. You deserve happiness and love. Do whatever makes you feel happy. Listen to music, go help the homeless, volunteer for a good cause, give someone a compliment, help your elders with groceries, play with your pets and if you don't have a pet then adopt one, dance in the rain, exercise etc. You will start to feel better about yourself. Any time you have a negative thought, don't believe it; instead, challenge it.


I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), anxiety and depression but i get up every morning and fight. Sylvester Stallone is my hero so i guess i have to be a fighter. I will not let any of my negative emotions affect my work, relationships with my families, friends, romantic relationship or with my relationship with my cat, TJ.


Your happiness is my happiness.


Remember what Rocky Balboa said: "I didn't hear no bell. One more round!" Say that to depression. Tell depression "you are not going to bring me down".


This is your life. You are in charge of it.


Depression has no business being in your life. So smile today, smile for me. Show the world your beautiful smile, walk outside with confidence, celebrate who you are. You are a somebody. You are perfect just the way you are and you are irreplaceable. You will live long happy life.


Whenever you feel down, put your palms together facing you and join your heart lines together. You will see a smiley face.


So just know that everything will be okay. I am sending you a gentle loving hug from me to you. I love you. Stay strong and never give up.



Danny Gautama.


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