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HDGH Directory of Records


Last Updated December 29, 2011.



Records relating to the routine administrative and clerical duties required to support and run the hospital in addition to administrative activities common to all business units. Records relating to the administrative management of the executive offices.


Building & Property Management

Records related to managing the construction, development, operation and maintenance of all hospital owned buildings, property and equipment.


Clinical Programs

Records relating to management and delivery of healthcare services and resources provided by the hospital to patients and the broader community.


Clinical Support Services

Records relating to the management and delivery of clinical support services including laboratories, diagnostic imaging and pharmacy.



Records relating to providing general information about the hospital, responding to media and communicating corporate information to all stakeholder groups. Also, includes records related to maintaining and enhancing the hospital's reputation, developing internal and external relations and disseminating information.


Education & Learning

Records relating to the provision of instruction and the operation of programs.


Equipment & Supplies

Records relating to the management of the hospital's movable property and supplies.



Records relating to the financial management functions, including accounting transactions, accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconciliations, forecasting, budgeting, financial reporting, policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and accompanying documentation.



Records relating to the management, organization, structuring of operations and direction of the hospital as a corporate entity. Records include by-laws, articles of incorporation and minutes.


Human Resources

Records related to the administration of personnel, their recruitment, continuing education, compensation and retention. Also includes records pertaining to labour relations, occupational health and safety programs.


Information Management

Records related to the administration, collecting, organizing, processing, storing, retrieving and transmitting information used to support corporate or clinical operations.


Personal Information Banks

A collection of personal information (but not personal health information) that is organized and can be retrieved by an individual's name or some other personal identifier.



Records related to the hospital's information practices and procedures to protect personal health information in its custody or control.



Records relating to the hospital's procurement processes. Records may include documents relating to procurement development, vendor evaluations and contract management.


Risk Management

Records related to the identification and management of risk factors inherent in a healthcare organization.

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