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Specialized Geriatric Services

Geriatric Assessment Program (GAP)



By providing specialized geriatric assessment, consultation and care planning services, the Geriatric Assessment – Consultation Program aims to promote independence and to avoid institutionalization of individuals over 65 years of age who are frail, at risk or exhibit complex or multiple problems. The program brings together clients and their caregivers, family practitioners, community agencies and support services to develop an integrated approach to care planning that is specific to each person.


 The Geriatric Assessment – Consultation Program benefits seniors over 65 years old with multiple/complex problems requiring multi-dimensional assessment. They may be at risk for institutionalization, decreased independence and deterioration to higher levels of care. These problems are of a medical, functional, psychosocial nature and may include: multiple pathologies, symptom complexes, incontinence, confusional states, falls/immobility, polypharmacy, unexpected response to illness, unexplained loss of functional ability, weight loss of unknown cause, multiple losses, multiple visit to Emergency Department and/or multiple admissions, escalating care needs/decline in independence.


Referrals to the program are physician driven. The support and awareness of the family physician is an essential part of the intake process.



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Location: Geriatric Assessment Program (GAP) - CasgrainBuilding, 2nd Floor

1453 Prince Road, Windsor, ON  N9C 3Z4

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday

Phone: (519) 257-5112

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