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Ozad Institute


The Ozad Institute is a community resource dedicated to research, education and training in neurodevelopmental disabilities. It was established through the generosity of the Electrozad Foundation.  The Institute is located in, and is closely partnered with the Regional Children’s Centre (RCC) of Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare. Collaborative relationships have also been established with the John McGivney Children’s Centre, Maryvale Adolescent and Family Services, the Teen Health Centre, and our two area school boards (GECDSB & WECDSB).


Brief History:

In September 1989, Dr. John Strang authored a written proposal for the establishment of a research, education and training institute that would focus on children with neurodevelopmental disabilities, and be named after Joseph Ozad.  This proposal was strongly supported by Dr. Martin Girash and Mr. Ron Foster in their respective Windsor Western Hospital Centre adminstrative roles, and was accepted by officials of the Electrozad Foundation. A grant of $250 thousand from the Electrozad Foundation led to formation of the Ozad Institute in April 1990, and the creation of the Ozad Institute Fund, which continues to be invested and monitored through the Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation.


About one year later, a $175 thousand follow-up grant was received from the Electrozad Foundation for the establishment of Ozad Institute facilities. This money was used to build and furnish Ozad Institute facilities in RCC’s George Albert Huot Building. The Ozad Institute facilities were formally dedicated on March 29, 1996. The Institute’s facilities include the: Ozad Testing Room, Ozad Observation Room, Ozad Research Office, and Ozad Conference Room.  The testing, observation, and research rooms are regularly used for clinical practice. The Ozad Conference room is used for meetings, teaching, and training purposes by RCC and other HDGH  staff, as well as community service-oriented organizations.


Operations & Support:

The majority of operating dollars are generated by interest earned on the Ozad Fund. Since April 2000, additional operating funds have been realized through the fund-raisinging efforts of staff and management at the Electrozad Supply Company Limited, following a formally commitment by Mr. William C. Smith, President, to sponsor of the Ozad Institute through annual charitable events. In 2008-2009, the Electrozad Supply Company Ltd. London, Sarnia, and Windsor offices provided special funding to support the establishment Carrigan Research Assistantship, to commemorate the passing of Mr. Ron Carrigan, who was the Electrozad Representative on the Ozad Advisory Committee.  As of September 2014, fund-raising and corporate donations from the Electrozad Supply Company Ltd. have totaled almost $75 thousand. There have also been ongoing donations from Electrozad employees and associates who have chosen the Ozad Institute as their choice for a charitable donation.  

Additional donations from other individuals and as well as professional fees have also contributed to operating dollars and the Ozad Fund. The Ozad Institute Fund market value was approximately $542 thousand on March 31, 2014. The Ozad Institute has a 2013/14 operating budget of $22,200 to cover all annual expenses including: Director’s salary, meetings, presentations, equipment, research support, and education/training costs.



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