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Research at the Ozad Institute aims to provide new information that will help children with neurodevelopmental disabilities. There are three primary research and education/training streams focusing on brain-behaviour relationships in children in relation to: (1) neurological and neurodevelopmental disorders, (2) learning, behaviour regulation, and social learning problems, and, (3) children’s mental health. To date, the Ozad Institute has produced 30 publications in professional books and scientific journals. There have also been 31 presentations of Ozad Institute research and related information at meetings of provincial, Canadian, American and international professional associations. Our most recent publication includes integration of a series of Ozad Institute studies an open-access on-line publication in an international journal - Taylor, A., Saunders, C., Koushik, N. S., Strang, J. & Casey, J. (2013) Subtypes of Intellectual Disabilities in School-Aged Children. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities – Diagnosis and Treatment, 1, (1), 44-54.


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Education and Training 

The Ozad Institute has provided in-service, professional, and community-oriented education/training in neurodevelopmental disabilities since 1990. There have been over 130 Ozad Institute community-based presentations and workshops to date. These presentations and workshops have been provided on behalf of RCC staff, teachers, other school board and community professionals, professional associations, community-based groups, children’s treatment centres, school boards, parents, as well as University and College students. 20 WRH Doctoral Psychology Interns completed the Ozad Institute Research Rotation between 1995 and 2005 under the supervision of Drs. Strang, Casey, Saunders, and Ahmad. Two Ozad Institute Postdoctoral Residents were trained under the primary supervision of Dr. Strang.


The Institute’s current student training includes graduate students in clinical neuropsychology and child-clinical psychology, primarily from the Department of Psychology, University of Windsor. Dr. Ahmad and Dr. Saunders are also formally involved with providing clinical education for medical students from the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry/SWOMEN-Windsor (Western Unviversity) in conjunction with
their psychiatry training.


The 1st Annual Ozad Institute Conference was successfully held on April 18, 2009 in collaboration with the Greater Essex County District School Board. This conference focused on educational, treatment, and parenting implications flowing from Ozad research on children with various neurodevelopmental disorders. The next four Ozad Institute conferences were sponsored through Student Support Leadership Inititiate

(SSLI). These conferences focused on increasing children’s mental health awareness, understanding, and training, primarily for educators and clinicians. Ozad presenter contributions included clinical and treatment-oriented relationships between neurodevelopmental disabilities and children’s mental health problems. The 6th Annual Ozad Institute Conference was held in April 2014 and was primarily sponsored by Windsor St.Clair Rotary, with additional support from Electozad Supply Co. and McTague Law Firm. This conference focused on self-regulation from neurodevelopmental and treatment standpoints, and a broadened perspectives on childhood disability promoted by the World Heath Organization. The evaluation results showed that 94% of audience participants (educators, services providers, and others - parents, administrators, and students) rated this conference as “very good” or “excellent”, which was consistent with ratings from past Ozad conferences.

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